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Business Planning for Solicitors in Wirral - Dufton Kellner

With experience of working alongside solicitor firms from sole practitioners through to limited companies, Dufton Kellner in Wirral have an in-depth knowledge of the legal sector and will provide your firm with tailored business support and solutions.

Business planning for solicitors

We can work with you to develop a business plan which sets your practice's objectives and includes practical strategies to achieve them. We can help with regular reviews in the light of your firm's actual performance, giving you an effective business tool. With our experience and expertise, we can help improve your practice's bottom line. 

Cashflow and profit forecasts for solicitors

In any business, monitoring cashflow and forecasting future profits is essential. We have assisted many Wirral solicitors to prepare cash flow projections, budgeting and business projections. Our expert team can also help you to interpret the results and make suggestions for improvement.

Choosing the right structure for your firm

Dufton Kellner can advise on the optimal structure for your practice - sole practitioner, partnership, limited company or limited liability partnership. There are both advantages and disadvantages for each trading structure and each has implications for control, perception, support, and costs. We can discuss these with you to help you make an informed decision that is right for your firm.

Other areas where Dufton Kellner can assist you include:

  • Financial information systems
  • Financial management
  • Raising finance
  • Efficient billing and cash collection
  • Computer systems advice
  • Long-term plans for your business and your exit
  • Strategies for developing your business
  • Minimising the tax bill

… and much more.

Dufton Kellner can provide a range of business planning, support and advisory services to solicitors within Wirral and the surrounding areas. For more information please contact our specialist solicitor team.