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Company Secretarial Services for Solicitors - Dufton Kellner in Wirral

If you decide to use a company as your business vehicle you will find our company secretarial support for Wirral solicitors very useful.

Despite the office of Company Secretary having been effectively abolished for private companies with the Companies Act 2006, businesses nonetheless have many company secretarial responsibilities. For example, there are strict obligations on companies to submit the required documents by particular deadlines.

Dufton Kellner are specialists in providing company secretarial support for solicitors and legal professionals in Wirral. We take care of the onerous work, and make sure that everything is completed accurately and that the necessary filings are completed in a timely manner.

Our company secretarial services

At Dufton Kellner we offer the full range services you might expect from a professional firm of accountants. However, unlike most firms we have an in-depth knowledge of the legal sector. Our company secretarial service can help you keep your company fully compliant in all the necessary areas. We can help with:

  • General advice on company law
  • Preparation and filing of statutory returns
  • Company formations
  • Preparation of all documentation related to minutes and resolutions
  • Maintenance of statutory records, such as the Register of Directors and Register of Shareholders,

For more information on our company secretarial services for solicitors, please contact Dufton Kellner in Wirral.